Why CrumpleWorks?

I have to admit to being something of a hoarder. My house is filled with all kinds of "making stuff", as I like to call it: tools, materials, how-to books and the various, potentially-useful detritus accumulated through raising three children in the one house over the past 24 years. A little like the fabulous Mr Toad from "The Wind in the Willows", I have flipped and flopped from one interest to the next, dabbling here and there, getting a broad but regrettably shallow knowledge of a multitude of different hobbies and pastimes. Obsessively learning everything I can about a new area of interest is my usual pattern, repeated perhaps hundreds of times. While a long-term love affair with any one hobby has been rare, I do seem to be narrowing the field in recent years. Photography has definitely been a great source of development and satisfaction, but regarding most other areas let's just call me "Jack of all trades, Master of none".

*My reading has been much the same, although in these days of e-books it's much easier to  stuff the unread purchases into digital oblivion without filling the house.

The point I am trying to get to is that as a consequence of trying my hand at so many new things, I have also accumulated a lot ( I mean, really, a lot!) of hand-written scraps of paper, most of which are destined to become screwed up balls of paper headed for the dustbin. Not that I care that much; as a measure of my interest in learning how to do stuff, the lifetime accumulation of  crumpled paper would give me a pretty high rating. In fact, the more "Crumple Works" I create, the better! Learning, Making, Sharing.

My incentive for creating this site is to have a repository of my own work that is not reliant on the various "free" social-media sites, although I will hopefully work out how to cross-post to them. Here I can show my creations, both finished and in-progress, experiment with even more new stuff (yippee) and "find my voice" through sharing my thoughts as I go.

No doubt the writing will be a bit rough for a while as I get used to this format, but let's see where this takes us. I hope you'll find something here of interest; if you get bored, you can always have a browse through the photos.