The Stamp of Approval

I'm an amateur photographer with a full-time job in Melbourne, the nearest capital city. It's over 90 minutes drive from home, which is why weekends and the longer daylight hours of Summer are my "photo-time". It also explains why I've been quiet of late: as winter draws to a close, the cold, gloomy days suck the inspiration out of me.

As the sunlit hours increase, and particularly when Daylight Savings arrives, normality returns! I've been out-and-about taking photos. I've even warmed up my trail-bike with a couple of rides into the forests. After this break, I've had to re-learn a few things about my camera, which was weird; I must be getting old! A new iPhone has made portable photography much more interesting, and I'm looking forward to testing it more.

One huge surprise over winter was when a designer at Australia Post contacted me about using of one of my images for an upcoming stamp. I had posted a couple of images of a Bull Ant on Google+ in January 2012, and one in particular got a lot of "plusses" at the time. I guess that means it was well-indexed by Google, but how the designer contacted me was what surprised me most. She got in touch via my contact form, but it was only a couple of days after I created the site. Talk about good timing!

The series "Things That Sting" was the theme for Australia Post's 2014 Stamp Collecting Month (SCM). There's even a website: I think the designer - Sharon Rodziewicz - did a great job with the series, and I'm grateful she found my Bull Ant. Australia Post published the series 23 September 2014 and I think it will be in circulation until 22 October.

The 70-cent Bull Ant stamp was even featured in one of the Melbourne daily's as part of the SCM promotion.

So there you have it: through the most unexpected means, I'm now a published photographer.