Camera versus Digiscope - Initial Tests

Inspired by a article that compared the telephoto abilities of the premium Swarovski ATX 95 spotting scope with the super-premium Canon 800mm lens, I undertook some testing with my own gear. One difference is that for the digiscoping setup I used an iPhone 7 Plus attached to the ATX 95 by an adapter from My "birding camera" is a crop-frame Canon 7D mark II to which is attached a Canon 100-400 f/4.5-f/5.6 Mark II, both with and without Canon's 1.4 (v3) extender. The Canon combo is a very popular, "fantastic value for the money" option for non-professionals.
A further test was done comparing the Swarovski ATX95/iPhone7Plus combo with the addition of the Swarovski BTX (1.7x) adapter, courtesy of Dez Hughes.

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